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Pražák Quartet

Pražák Quartet


Jana Vonášková, violin
Marie Fuxová, violin
Josef Kluson, viola
Jonáš Krejčí, cello

The "New" Pražák Quartet is the generational evolution of the original Pražák Quartet, which has performed worldwide to wide acclaim for nearly 50 years.

The process began in 2015, when Jana Vonášková joined the Pražák Quartet as first violinist, bringing a new generation into the group. From the beginning, she has gained the deep respect of both audiences and critics with her richly expressive performances of the greatest works of quartet literature, including the complete set of Beethoven quartets.

After long deliberation, the original Pražák Quartet decided to retire at the end of the 2020-21 season, and to introduce a new formation under the name of the New Pražák Quartet. The pillar of the quartet, violist and founding member Josef Klusoň, and Jana Vonášková, continue to carry on the tradition. The new members, second violinist Marie Fuxová and cellist Jonáš Krejčí, bring with them extensive string quartet and chamber music experience, having played with the Pavel Haas, Škampa, and Petersen Quartets as well as in famous chamber orchestras and ensembles. They bring their experience and energy into the group while remaining faithful to the Czech quartet tradition, character and quality which were the hallmarks of the original Pražák Quartet.

The ensemble offers a broad range of repertoire from the early classics through contemporary works as well as the well-known Czech quartet literature. Future projects also include the music of Czech-Jewish composers who perished in the Holocaust - Schulhoff, Ullmann, Krása, Klein and Haas – as well as new compositions by Czech and international composers.

The New Pražák Quartet will begin performing in the summer of 2021. Their first CD in the new formation, comprising the last three quartets of Joseph Haydn, will be released at the end of 2021 by

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